Hutton Horticultural Society


Managing an allotment plot can be an exciting challenge and a great way to make new friends. But, do not underestimate the hard work involved! It needs to be regularly maintained throughout all seasons and during all types of weather. It is insufficient to turn up once a month!

Gardening is good for your health:Gardening & Health and help is at hand: Gardening Advice & Talks.

Why not join Hutton Horticultural Society: take a look at what you get for only £4 per year: Membership - Trading Shed - Special Offers- Member’s Page.


See our photos: Allotments

What are the charges?Annual rent : £20 - £30 (concessions for  over 60’s);plus insurance & £3.25 & water charges.

What about contracts?: Draft Tenancy Agreement.

Where are the allotments? We manage 2 sites for Brentwood Borough Council:

Birkbeck Road and Whittington Road.

Is there a waiting list? Yes. Want to apply?:Go to Contact Us page.